Doing Good: Gifts that Give Back

If you’re anything like me, you’re still knee-deep in holiday shopping. I have a small pile of random items that haven’t been wrapped yet, but beyond that, I still have a lot of work to do. I just don’t feel like shopping this year- wait let me rephrase that- I don’t feel like going to the mall down here. The closest mall to me is HUGE and awesome, but also super crowded and not so much fun when you have a list to get through. It’s perfect for wandering around, but the idea of going there for Christmas shopping gives me hives.
So with that in mind, I turn to online shopping. And what better way to online shop than by working with companies with positive missions! It makes me feel a little bit better about the money I’m spending. Here are some of my favorite last minute (but still thoughtful) gift ideas:
fashionable- a company working to offer skills and jobs to women overcoming a life challenge

For your BFF through thick and thin
The last time we talked about FashionAble they only had scarves. Today they have beautiful, buttery leather goods and jewelry to match! They’ve also expanded the women they work with across the globe, offering skills to women overcoming particularly difficult life challenges including addiction, trafficking, and a lack of opportunity.  My favorite item is the bucket bag and I’m going to go out on a limb and say your best friend needs one.
*Order by 12/18 to receive before Christmas

serengetee- supporting artisans and causes around the world

For your sister (or brother) on the move
We all want to travel the world, Serengetee lets you keep that goal in mind at all times while supporting global artisans and causes. Pick a city or print that you think will resonate the most with your sibling and get them a great baseball tee, or makeup case, or headband, or v-neck, or sweatshirt, or backpack or a hat….

*Order today 12/15 for a Christmas delivery
**30% off your order using the code LASTCALL

bombas- a buy one give one company

For your brother (or sister) with stinky shoes
Listen- we’re not all perfect- but you can help your favorite sibling get a little closer with a new pair of socks from Bombas – a company that donates a pair of socks for every pair sold.
*Buy today 12/15 for standard shipping by Christmas Eve!


the good trade- portion of proceeds donated to child victims of sex slavery

For your mom that’s always on trend
My mom taught me the value in simple jewelry. It matches everything, can be dressed up or down, and never goes out of style. I love these options from The Good Trade and a portion of all proceeds is donated to child victims of sex slavery.

Three Blend Starter Kit

For your caffeine drinking, dog loving dad
Is my dad the only dad that mentions something once and then goes to buy it for himself? My mom is the queen at leaving hints for gifts, but my dad? No way. If he wants something, he buys it. So I’ll just supply a socially aware morning coffee instead. Grounds and Hounds Coffee Co. sells 100% fair trade coffee and donates 20% of all proceeds to dog rescue organizations around the states.

parker clay- made in Ethiopia

For your favorite weekend getaway partner
When Dean and I go away I have a few different bags to choose from and Dean has exactly two: his gym bag or an old backpack. Give your guy an upgrade with a beautiful leather weekend bag offering community support in Ethiopia from Parker Clay.


PS- Find other great options here

4th of July Playlist

4th of july playlist

Is it just me or does a summer holiday BBQ call for some classic rock? If you agree than you should love this playlist!


(too much?)



So to put it all together for you, here are American outfit ideas (more here), food ideas (and more here) and playlist ideas! Now invite a few friends over, grab a few drinks, and make it a celebration! Happy 4th, friends!



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What to wear for the 4th of July

4th of July is easily one of my favorite holidays. I love that it’s casual and fun and that I get to run around in red white and blue all day! In my mind it’s the perfect, no-stress holiday: you just eat food, enjoy some drinks, throw on some music and smile with your friends. Plus you get a free fireworks show at night! Just the fact that it’s coming up next weekend makes me giddy with joy- please tell me you feel it to? If you don’t, come down to Florida this year in your best American attire and I’ll show you a good time!

Can’t make it to Florida? That’s okay- this week of posts are for you! We’ll go over what to wear, what to eat and what to listen to. On to my favorite topic: fun red, white and blue outfits!

4th of july outfit ideas #wear #america
4th of july outfit ideas
4th of july
Whether you’re dressing up or hanging out poolside, the classic red, white and blue look is always a solid choice. Which look fits your style best?