Indoor Plant Inspiration

indoor plant inspiration

I told Dean that I want three things to happen in our home this month:

  • Finish organizing our kitchen
  • Clean up our Florida room
  • Add plants to the house

The first two goals are hopeful…they’ll be wonderful when completed, but I have zero interest in actually doing them. I mean, who wants to sort through random things and do big cleanings when they could be buying plants instead? I should also note that I’m TERRIBLE at keeping plants alive, so this is really my goal that I’m asking Dean to fulfill. But to make it less of a chore for Dean, I’m trying to do a bit of leg work by figuring out the basics: How many do we need? Where will they go? What kinds are safe for Allegra?…. but I haven’t made it past these Pinterest images yet.

plant inspiration

How sweet are these two little plants via Macarenagea

indoor plant inspiration

oh, hello there perfect sitting corner via SF Girl by Bay

indoor plant inspiration
I can’t figure out what I like more, the yellow or the green via Old Brand New

indoor plant inspiration

Corner cacti for the win! via Lauren Conrad 

indoor plant inspiration
Do you think Allegra would like to live in the jungle? via Apartment Teherapy

indoor plant inspiration

Are indoor trees a thing? Because I’d like one via The Design Chaser

PS- For those interested in bullet number one- my kitchen inspiration

intro photo via Lobster and Swan

Pinteresting Kitchens

kitchen organization inspiration



If you follow me on Pinterest you probably already know that I’m currently trying to organize our kitchen. While most of our apartment is roomy and wonderful, our kitchen just wasn’t so lucky. Its small and has minimal cabinet space and even less of a counter top. Dean always talks about some roomy kitchen being on his “must have” list every time we move… this time it’s clear that he had to give a little.

Our previous two apartments had a solid amount of kitchen space. Actually, our last kitchen had SO much space that we felt like we had to get more stuff just to fill it. Now we had to buy 3 storage/utility pieces from Ikea just to empty out our boxes and things are all over the place. Have you ever noticed how much more cluttered a space feels when it’s unorganized? If you haven’t, I’ll have you over for coffee sometimes so you can get a feel for it.

I’ll post our winning solution when we’re all done, but for now here are some of my favorite inspiration photos.

kitchen organization inspiration

I love the fact that this example not only hangs items inside the cabinet door, but the extra cork board backing also lets you use the door to attach various memos. I’m picturing cabinets littered with favorite recipes and kitchen tips in the best way possible.


kitchen organization inspiration

Even though Dean doesn’t want to admit it, we really need to go to the Container Store. Imagine all of the upper cabinet space you could neatly fill with little shelves like these?


kitchen organization inspiration

This picture almost makes me want to pull out some chalkboard paint- almost. If I wasn’t renting I’d probably do it, but from experience I’ll let you know that it’s kind of a pain to cover up. But I digress- what I really love about this kitchen is that they use their wall space. Instead of letting cooking utensils and paper towels take up important counter top space, they decided to spread the kitchen a little wider and look up.


kitchen organization inspiration


Open shelves are another great way to use your vertical space. I love that almost anything could go on these shelves- plates, bowls, baking supplies, baskets, a microwave- anything to free up your prep-space.


kitchen organization inspirationIf you have the space to add a cost effective industrial shelving unit like this one- I highly suggest it. We had one in our old apartment and it was seriously a godsend. Just like the open shelving concept above, this unit lets you keep some of your most used kitchen gadgets within reach, but it still allows them all to be put away when not in use. It’s probably the single kitchen item I miss the most from our last apartment and if we had the room she totally would have made the move with us.


kitchen organization inspiration

This easy diy bag organizer makes me feel terrible about throwing away my last coffee can. We use our plastic bags when cleaning up after Allegra, so we do keep and reuse any that we receive. That being said, our collection is a little out of control. Something like this could really help us save space in the pantry.


I think I have something planned for pots/pans and a few other things, but I’m still lost on my tupperwear. The lids always seem to be in the way. Tips are welcomed!

Friends, Waffles, Work (or Waffles, Friends, Work)

parks and rec-etsy collections

friends, waffles work 

Dean and I are working our way through the entire Parks and Rec series for the second time on Netflix. I am also simultaneously searching the show on Etsy trying to find new ways to bring our obsession to life. Have you ever noticed how many TV show themed things there are on Etsy? Prints, pillows, action figures, mugs, necklaces– you name it and it’s probably there. I’ve got my eye on more than a few art pieces, but a lot of these character-based shirts and home goods really make me laugh, too! How’s a girl to choose?

parks and rec-etsy collections

typography poster  |  Galentine’s Day card  |  cross stitch   | Lil Sebastian tee


parks and rec-etsy collection

pillow  |  food print  |  Andy quotes


parks and rec-etsy collection

treat yo self candles  |  JJ’s diner mug  |  cutting board

Do you get this obsessed with TV shows, too? What show should we watch next?

PS- other binge-worthy shows on Netflix

Building a Gift Closet

keep an eye out for good sales and keep extra gifts on hand for emergencies

Confession: I spend way too much money on gifts. Finding great gifts and making people feel good is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s just not always financially practical. So I started a gift closet! Okay, it’s not a full closet, but it is a space where I put all the cute stuff that I randomly find and buy when I’m  not supposed to be shopping for myself. It makes me feel better about my casual shopping habits and it’s made me a more productive human being– so it’s totally a win-win!

Basically when I’m rummaging through Marshalls/Homegoods/Target/Anywhere-I’m-Not-Supposed-To-Be, I use this as a great excuse to buy all of the cute things that I just can’t walk away from. I typically keep my purchases pretty general, but every so often I see things that I just have to buy for someone specific.  Sometimes you just need to give a little gift, you know? Bewteen holidays, birthdays, dinner parties, new homes, engagements, and “miss you’s” a good gift never goes to waste. Dean thinks it’s silly, but he never complains when we get invited somewhere and I have a gift ready in under 2 seconds.

Since I feel like I’m always looking for ideas like this, maybe  you are too. Here are a few of my favorite little gifts to have on hand:

  • Stationary
  • Frames
  • Tea Towels
  • Cards
  • Jewelry
  • Soaps/Lotions
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Ring Holders/Jewelry Bowls


The possibilities are endless! Does anyone else do this or am I the only one looking for extra ways to spend my money?


PS- Give a homemade body scrub!

PPS-The perfect gift basket for your friend who just bought a home.



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