Internet Intervention


I need to find a way to be much more productive with my time on the computer.


Do you ever find yourself sucked into the internet? It usually starts on my phone. I’ll check out instagram, read through my facebook timeline, read a few blogs, head over to Pinterest for a little browsing… and then all of a sudden I realize that I’ve been looking at a screen for well over an hour and I’ve accomplished nothing.

This makes me a little uncomfortable.

The internet is good for so many things. It allows me to connect with friends and family at home up north. It allows me to explore my interests, practice my photography, and find new knitting patterns. It introduces me to news stories, keeps me up-to-date with trending topics, and allows me to be a part of global communities. But as much as it connects me to the world it also takes me outside of the little piece of the world that I have right here. It takes me away from Dean, separates me from Allegra, and pulls me out of the moment.

So I need to be more conscious of the time I spend browsing.

Lately I’ve been itching to blog. I’ve had an impressive number of post ideas during my long work commute, but I have zero urge to write when I get home. I have good intentions, I swear! I open my computer, pull up my blog and stare at the cursor…. and then I flip over to catch up with other blogs, which turns into Pinterest, which leads me to facebook, which is usually where I get a little bored and finally realize it’s time to power down and go to bed.

So I need to find a way to be more productive when I’m on the computer.

Because my life doesn’t have time for hours of aimless clicking, and to be frank, I don’t want to have time for it. I want to go places and do things without having the urge to write about it or photograph it or do anything at all that could potentially drag me into the www. Because for as many wonderful gifts the internet has brought to me, I’ve also found double the number of time-wasters. So please excuse me if I haven’t been visiting my blog often. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I’m stuck in the middle of my little internet intervention.



I was  perusing Pinterest recently and it hit me that almost all of my  most pinned items are recipe related. My strawberry-kiwi & strawberry-lemon waters, for example, are pinned fresh by someone new each week- not repinned- just someone googled flavored waters, found me, and pinned it up. I think I’ve missed my calling here! I’m going to make it a point to include more recipes again, but in the meantime, here are my most pinned posts.

strawberry kiwi waterStrawberry-Kiwi water

strawberry lemon waterStrawberry- Lemon water

blueberry lemon waterBlueberry- Lemon water

Christmas CookiesM&M Cookies

flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies

Gluten-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

sopapilla cheesecake!Sopapilla Cheesecake Bites

Which posts do you like to read best? Have you noticed any trends with your pins?

PS- I had to work on Monday when the rest of my office was off, so my boss was kind enough to give me off tomorrow! I’m taking it and running away somewhere to work on lots of homework, knitting projects, and blog brainstorming. Let me know what you’d like to see more of on WLB!

Twitter Revelation


I’ve expressed my hesitation towards twitter before. I think I talk too much to squish all my thoughts down into 140 characters. I figured it out though- Live Tweeting! It’s fast paced and interactive and it had me laughing and feeling loved.

First I got in on some #livetweeting during a work event with the office twitter account, which was pretty entertaining. Then the #AMAs happened last night and I was all up in that twitter world. It’s fun!

So here’s how it happened- I had so many thoughts and Dean hit a point where he just wasn’t  into my comments anymore.(“More football please” – What Dean would have said on twitter.) Then it hit me. There’s a whole internet of people who might be into my comments…and now I get it. Live tweeting is HILARIOUS.

In case you care about my feelings on the AMAs, here are the big ones.

  • I’m getting old and out of touch.
  • I’m not okay with Pitbull the artist. (I am okay with pit bull the breed.)
  • I would like Dean to dress like JT (preferably in that exact black and blue suit).
  • Despite some questionable decisions- I think I’m team Miley. (The cat was CRYING guys!)
  • I don’t enjoy Taylor Swift and I’m still bitter about artist of the year.
  • Dean is pretty funny but not very appropriate when watching award shows.

What do you think? Favorite/least favorite performance? Best and worst dressed? Feelings towards Twitter?


PS- Follow along with my newly exciting twitter account – @withluckblog

Funday Monday Link Up

I’m back from vacation but since it’s Labor Day and I have off of work, I feel like that gives me the right to ignore real life for oneee more day. The plan is just to watch a movie or two, go grocery shopping, watch some Drop Dead Diva (don’t judge) and stay in my PJs. In between, I’ll be catching up with some of my favorite bloggers and finding a few new friends via the funday Monday link-up. Care to join me?

A few of our favs from last week:
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The Rules for #FundayMonday Link-Ups:

1. Follow your hosts Molly @ still being [molly] , Carly @ Lipgloss & Crayons , and your guest hosts for the week Messy Dirty Hair and With Luck Blog.

2.Grab a button and / or post a link back here in your BLOG POST (NOT your blog’s main page) so your readers know what all the #fundaymonday-ness is about. We love you guys linking up and we do go through and read all your posts… so if you do not give credit, we will have to remove your link. That’s no fun, right? Right. So be nice and share a link! Pretty please?

3. Link your blog post up using the linky tool below! It can be ANYTHING! An outfit post, a giveaway, a story, a recipe, whatever. Why? Cause it’s #fundaymonday!

4. Visit a blog or four that you’ve never been to before and leave a #fundaymonday comment – you never know, you might “meet” someone new that you will lurve!

5. Have fun! Cause it’s Monday!

Want to cohost #Fundaymonday? We are currently accepting weekly cohosts……….please email us at for more info!

You know you want to…


 I want YOU to follow me on anything but Google Reader 😉

[What can I say? I’m channeling my inner Uncle Sam while preparing for the 4th.]

One last reminder about the fact that Google Reader will be shut down as of Monday. Blogging is more fun with friends, so I hope all you google-addicts will follow me in another way.

Here are a few options:
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In other news, isn’t this nail color fun?

essie-play date

Essie- Play Date
Don’t mind the chips, not having a dishwasher is pretty hard on the nails.

Happy Friday 🙂