Allegra’s Birthday! (and other things)


Guys- I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Allegra turned three on Sunday. THREE! I remember the day we brought home our little 8 week old puppy. Dean and I had been talking with a few different rescue groups before finding a picture of a little black and white puppy with a big head rescued by Ruff Start Happy Tails in CT. We put in an application that day but we were told that Allegra was already pending adoption and we’d have to keep looking. To say that I was sad would be an understatement. She was the first pup that Dean and I really had our hearts set on.  A few days later we got a rushed phone call explaining that the adoption had fallen through and Allegra needed a home ASAP. We jumped in our car and took the 3+ hour drive to a UConn. parking lot where we met with Allegra’s foster family. After lots of loves and cuddles we drove home as puppy parents and never looked back.
Happy belated birthday, little girl!


Other things I’ve been thinking about this week:

Felting for Friends- For the Pet Obsessed

felting for friends- $10 for a custom felt pet made to look like your favorite furry best friend! ALL PROCEEDS DONATED TO ANIMAL RESCUE! amaing!
Speaking as an animal lover and an Allegra-obsessed dog mom, gifts that honor a pet are always a safe choice. The best gify of all? A mini felted version of their best friend!

Felting For Friends is a great little organization that works to replicate a pet by hand out of felt for just $10- and get this – 100% of proceeds are donated to animal rescue efforts! I recently sent over pictures of Allegra and my dad’s pup, Brodie, and received the best package in the mail to date!  Joy makes the process super easy- just shoot her a message via facebook if you have any questions. (You can add their page here:


Interested in adding something additional? Check out these options below!





PS- Gifts for men, for the home, from small companies

Life Updates

So I accidentally played a little hooky last week. My job took me out to the Hamptons with some of my favorite people, and, well, I just wasn’t going to question that.

westhampton country club

westhampton country club

My travel family at the Westhampton Country Club

My sister sings in an awesome a cappella group and they were performing on Friday so my mom came up to visit. Unfortunately Dean had to work Friday night and Saturday morning, but my mom, sister, Allegra and I had some nice girl time until Saturday afternoon. Before my mom left, we all drove into the Poconos to meet up with Dean’s mom and Dad for a little Mother’s Day lunch.
pit bull love


mother's day

While it was great to see everyone, it was also really nice to spend some down time with Dean. I’ve been traveling so much for work that we haven’t really been able to see each other lately. We took Allegra to the dog park, went for some ice cream, and even started to watch Orange is the New Black with my sister (it’s awesome).
Allegra Allegra


So that’s what I’ve been up to. What about you?

Allegra’s Birthday Weekend

dog birthdayThis weekend was Allegra’s 2nd birthday!

Dog years are so funny. Did you know that two year old dogs are technically adults? They are usually full grown by then, they eat adult food, and generally enjoy life as a big boy/girl. Yet two year old dogs are still seen as young at the same time! They have A TON of energy and they’re still learning every day.

sleepy pit

To celebrate her big day we went for a bunch of walks, gave her some extra peanut butter, and cuddled a lot. She got a new toy and a new bed and wore herself out. At one point I left the room for a bit, came back and found her wrapped up in blankets, sound asleep!

puppy allegra

While Allegra has come a long way over the last two years (I mean, look at that little pup!), we’re looking forward to many more years of growth.

Love you, bubba dog! Thanks for bringing so much joy to my life every day! 🙂

Love Your Pet Day


If reincarnation really happens, I want to come back as my dog. Why? Well first of all, Allegra is super fit and full of personality. She’s spunky, bold, and hilarious. She knows exactly when to give you those big puppy dog eyes to get out of trouble and she doesn’t have to do any work!


Think about it. Allegra will never have to cook her own meal. She’ll never have to go to work. She doesn’t have to set an alarm. If she doesn’t want to hang out with people one day, she doesn’t. If she wants to sleep on people the next day, she does.


Allegra gets spa days each month where she gets to get her nails done and eat a fancy treat.  She will never have to pay for a hair cut. She gets washed and dried when she is dirty. She takes a nap whenever and wherever she likes. People tell her she’s cute daily and I have so many pictures of her, I couldn’t choose one for today’s post.


Allegra has her own hashtag on social media and gets wayyyy more likes than I ever will. People buy her toys and come over to play.  When I don’t invite Allegra out for the night, people ask about her because they miss her.


She also only knows select words in English so when I tell her to sit, roll over, or give me a paw,  she does it happily and with love. When someone is feeling rude and decides to make comments about her breed, I feel sad or get offended. But guess who doesn’t? Allegra! She blindly loves everyone because her love has no restrictions.


So happy love your pet day, Allegra! You’re the best!
(and I’m jealous.)

*Thanks to Personal Creations and the Pampered Pups Project for letting me know about love your pet day!*