Building a home

When I moved into my first apartment I swore off little tchotchkes that would build clutter. Just six months in I realized that my new home felt very…. boring. It was painted a nice color and sure I had basic furniture and things, but it didn’t feel very homey. By the end of my first year I had caved and started putting money into more decorative items.

Four apartments and many decorative items later I’ve learned not to skimp on two things: rugs and curtains. These two items are such an amazing way for renters to bring personality to their space without doing anything permanent. When it’s time to move I can just roll up my area rugs and fold up my curtains and bring them with me to my new place.  Dean & I have been living together for two years now and I’m finally starting to come around to the idea that maybe some of my items need to be updated to better fit our style instead of my style. Here are some examples of pieces that have made the short list.


building a home: rugs and curtains


Rugs-1, 23

curtains-4, 5, 6


PS- Summer mega sale on rugs from Floors USA


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