Allegra’s Birthday! (and other things)


Guys- I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Allegra turned three on Sunday. THREE! I remember the day we brought home our little 8 week old puppy. Dean and I had been talking with a few different rescue groups before finding a picture of a little black and white puppy with a big head rescued by Ruff Start Happy Tails in CT. We put in an application that day but we were told that Allegra was already pending adoption and we’d have to keep looking. To say that I was sad would be an understatement. She was the first pup that Dean and I really had our hearts set on.  A few days later we got a rushed phone call explaining that the adoption had fallen through and Allegra needed a home ASAP. We jumped in our car and took the 3+ hour drive to a UConn. parking lot where we met with Allegra’s foster family. After lots of loves and cuddles we drove home as puppy parents and never looked back.
Happy belated birthday, little girl!


Other things I’ve been thinking about this week:


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