Adventures in Knitting

You guys may remember that last year I talked about getting my knitting started early… you should probably know that this was a big fail. I finished one scarf last year. Just one! In case you’re unsure, fall and winter should have left me much more time to make many things, but sometimes life gets in the way.

This year I was determined to start early again, and what better time to start than travel season! Yesterday I locked myself up in my hotel room and watched the voice (magical) and the Blacklist (new favorite) and just started knitting in my bed. This may make me sound like an old lady, but does this look like something an old lady would wear?

knitting project


I think not. I’m a novice knitter at best, so I stole this simple tutorial from Craft Snob and now you can enjoy it too. Isn’t it cute? I’m so proud that I got something done before the cold weather really starts up. Now the big question is, how many of these headbands is too many?


(answer: none)


PS- I also had some people ask about buying them… would anyone else think about it if I put together an etsy shop? I’ve been looking for a way to donate some extra funds to a local pit foundation and I think this could fit the bill. Anyone have any experience selling on etsy? Spill the deets, please!


  1. Don’t worry, I started a scarf in high school that I never finished. That’s super cute though!

  2. i adore you. i adore this headband. i adore the idea of an etsy shop. i adore that you would give the proceeds to your local pit foundation. you’re adorable and wonderful. please sell me things knitted with love.

    xo nicole

  3. Yay for knitting! Looks awesome!!! 🙂 I have been debating starting an etsy shop too…. it just seems like such a daunting task. And while I am ok with not making much money, I am very leery about actually losing money and not selling anything! One day I will bite the bullet and do it though!
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