A Day in the Life


I have no idea why I started documenting my day last Wednesday. Maybe I was bored, maybe I was proud of the fact that I made it to work on time, maybe I thought people were tired of seeing my life via photos on snapchat and instagram. But for whatever reason I got to work and wrote down my morning. In the end I decided to post it because I’m nosy and I love reading posts like this. So now the secrets out- daily life can even be boring here in beautiful south Florida.


5:30 am- My alarm went off and I obviously snoozed it.

5:50- Another alarm went off so I turned all future alarms off and decided to catch up on social media.

6 am- I have not yet realized the time so instead of getting in the shower I watched this video (an honest look at what it’s like to be a black male) and cried

6:20- Andddd I finally realized that I’m running late so I hopped in the shower and desperately tried to do my hair

a day in the life

7 am- Unhappy with my choices, I ran out of the house coffee-less and a little frantic with my hair looking like a hot mess.

7:10- S**t. I need gas.

7:50- Some how I arrived early to work so I stopped and got coffee…. it was around this time that I opened my car window and got hit with wind that smelled like bad breath. How does that even happen?

8 am- While walking into work I decided that I was going to write this post so I tried taking the above hair photo so I’d have something to show.

a day in the life

8:30- Sitting at my desk, I was pretty proud that I got so much done that morning after starting my day late I decided to post about it on Instagram.

11 am  – Work, work work. Is it lunch time yet?


2 pm- Back at my desk I realized that I just ate 3 tacos, a side of queso & chips, and 2 mini cupcakes. I decided to warn Dean about my decision and made plans to hit the gym for the first time in forever.

3:10 – I ate another cupcake.

5 pm- Work is officially over for the day! I walk to the wrong parking lot (rookie mistake) and eventually make it to my car. Now which podcast to listen to….I decide on Breakfast for Dinner.

a day in the life

6:15- Finally made it home. Even though I told Dean that I’d be getting changed and meeting him right away, I ended up taking pictures for Instagram. In my defense, the lighting was PERFECT and I purchased fresh flowers yesterday.

6:30- Changed for the gym and took more pictures for documentation purposes.

a day in the life

6:50- Also took pictures for snapchat purposes. I feel like my outfit and hair makes me look more prepared for the gym than I actually feel.

7:15- So I’m at the gym and I spotted Dean. He’s with a client but he kind of says hello.. and then puts his fist up for a pound. That was weird and I let him know.

7:17- The cardio machines have TV’s! I love this because I strangely like watching Jeopardy while I run so I decided to stay on for at least a half hour.

7: 37- I regret my decision but I stay on the treadmill because I’m stubborn and Dean keeps looking over.

7:47- And I’m done!.. that was enough time, right? Now what?

7:50- I don’t think I can keep walking around without attracting attention. I decide on an arm workout and make my way over to some machines.

7:55- Why is that guy sitting on a machine talking on the phone? Come on, man! Isn’t it obvious that I decided on an arm workout?!

7:57-… He definitely has no idea I’m waiting for this machine, but I’m just going to get water until he decides to leave.

8:11- My workout is complete and I’m back in my car. I second guess my decision to come to the gym because my arms hurt opening my car door.

a day in the life


8:12- I document my feelings via snapchat because I feel like this matters.

8:42- Get home, eat food, feed the dog, shower, pick out clothes for tomorrow.

9:15- How did I get all of that done in a half hour!? I decide to celebrate my successes by falling asleep on the couch while Dean went on a Freaks and Geeks marathon.


The rest of my night isn’t clear, but I’m sure I was sleeping in bed by 10:30. I remember when that would be something embarrassing to admit, but now it seems like a positive thing. #OldLady

So now it’s your turn! What does your day look like?



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  1. Freaks and Geeks marathon!!!! Awesome and jealous. And damn your alarm goes off early. I can lend you a very cute, cuddly, love able alarm clock that is sure to have you up no later than 530am!

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