6 ideas for leftover Halloween goodies

Total count of kids who came trick or treating at our house this year? ZERO.

As in 0.




And while that’s pretty sad it in itself, it also means that we have a lot of leftover candy around here and I refuse to eat it all. So if you’re like me, here are some ideas for you!

  1. Donate it. Ask around at local libraries, nursing homes, shelters and food banks. There are plenty of places that will take sealed candy.
  2. Send it to the troops (more info here– must be done by 11/15!)
  3. Freeze them– Candy lasts for a long time. Get them out of your face but still save some for later by throwing them in the freezer for a bit.
  4. Bring them to the office. Is it just me or do candy bowls always go super quickly at work?
  5. Save it for your Thanksgiving table.
  6. You’ve been gobbled! Have you heard of this? It’s the same thing as being “booed” for Halloween or “jingled” for Christmas. Print out the flyer below and put together a few little goody bags and secretly leave them for friends!

You've been Gobbled! (And other things to do with your leftover Halloween candy)


PS- Don’t forget to enter to win a free pair of glasses!


    • I just had to stop looking in the direction of candy bowls at work haha… but I still bring one for others to enjoy (it’s just out of arms reach for me!)

    • right? I bought it for other people in the first place, so I love the idea of giving it away to people who can enjoy it.

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