ETSY SHOP: Survey & a free printable!

ME & YOU- free print

So you know that I recently started an Etsy shop, right? Well last week I had my first sale & this week I have a new deal in the making- yahoo! I’m so excited and super motivated to create more!

Dean was recently asked to be a best man in a wedding next year, so I’ve started playing around with some little lovey prints first. It started as a simple gift idea, but now I’m thinking maybe other people would be interested too! But here’s where you come in: What about you? Would you be interested in buying these kinds of things?

Here’s a simple print that I made as an example. This one is FREE for you, my favorite reader and friend. Want it customized? Let me know and we’ll chat about some options. I’m thinking that I can put downloadable prints for something super reasonable, maybe $4 for an instant print. Then it ups to $6 for the same download but with 2 customized names (instead of me and you)….. additional customizations TBD. So help me out- would you buy something like this?

Accidental Cookie Crumb Ice Cream Topper

cookie crumb ice cream topper

Guys- I accidentally fell upon the absolute BEST ice cream topper in the world this weekend!

It all started when Dean and my dad were craving something sweet after a nice dinner. Earlier in the week I had made some cookie bars and for some reason I thought I bought enough for a second batch. Because I sometimes make questionable decisions, I started melting the butter and measuring out graham crackers before I realized that I had forgotten to buy a second can of condensed milk! Luckily, I don’t give up easily.  I made up the following recipe, crushed everything up and VOILA! A new house favorite was born.

Cookie Crumb Ice Cream Topper


  • 1/2 stick of butter
  • 3/4 cup of graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  • 1 cup of coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and completely melt butter in a 9x9 pan
  2. Combine melted butter and graham cracker crumbs and evenly spread mixture on the bottom of your pan
  3. Melt peanut butter and evenly pour over top of the graham cracker base
  4. Mix coconut flakes, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips and evenly spread the combination over top of the peanut butter
  5. Lightly press everything down together and bake for 15-20 minutes
  6. When baking is complete, wait for your creation to cool and break it all up with a spoon (it should easily turn into crumbles)
  7. Pour over your favorite ice cream and enjoy!
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Not your average cookie bar crumble


This stuff is so good that I’m pretty sure we all snuck small bowls of the topper alone! I can’t sing it’s praises enough- you gotta try it!

cookie crumb ice cream topper - soooo good!


Little Goals

A long time ago I admitted to the blogworld that I’m horrible at goals. I mean, I’m pretty good at setting them, I’m just bad at keeping them. Once I get into an everyday pattern, my bigger goals just kind of fall to the backburner.  I’ve still written goals though. Every birthday (25, 26) I write out a few on the blog and I’ve even tried smaller, monthly goals on here ( eg: 1, 2,).I guess I never learn because I have a few more for myself.

little goals make a big difference



Just three little goals with expectations of creating a new daily routine for myself by the new year.

  1. Work out 3x a week. This is something I’ve been doing anyway since I got to Florida, but I really want to keep it going.
  2. Go on a spending freeze. I’m living proof of the marketing power of Pinterest and fashion blogs. I used to be a wonderful saver, but once I got myself to a good place, I became a good spender instead. It was fun for a while… but I definitely need to be on a spending freeze because I haven’t reached that 3rd goal yet…
  3. Get a job I feel good about. I haven’t really talked about it on here, but Dean and I came down to Florida on savings and good faith. Dean got lucky and already has a job offer (hooray!) but unfortunately I have not. It’s starting to set in now that I’m not working for the first time in over 10 years and it makes me pretty uncomfortable.

Basically I keep trying to remind myself that I need to concentrate on living within my means and finding something I can be happy about. I’m hoping to be in an even better place by the new year. What about you? What do you hope to accomplish by 2015?

Isn’t that Pinteresting…

I’ve been unapologetically addicted to Pinterest lately. Here are some of my favorite finds.

long bobVia
Guess I’m going to be growing my hair again…

dressing for fallvia
As much as I’m enjoying my time at the beach,
I have to admit that I’m missing my fall closet (mainly the sweaters)

dressing for Fallvia
That first outfit might be too much for the Florida heat, but this one would do just fine! I even have the scarf already. Sign me up!

cute cottage via
How charming is this cottage? I just want to live in here!

my heart is meltingvia
Yep. My heart is melting.

Anyone else find themselves binging on Pinterest every so often? How the heck do I get off of it?!