I’m just going to say it- coming home from vacation really stinks. It’s like I forgot that work still goes on even when I’m not there. Returning to mountains of emails and  a concerning number of phone calls kinda stinks, but doing it while traveling for work is a total energy zapper.

But here’s the good part- despite my apparent melancholy, we’ve already made it to Thursday. THURSDAY. Man, doesn’t that sound good? We’ve totally got this.




Austin Mural Tour

I feel like every time people come back from Austin they have a whole bunch of photos with really fun murals. I finally get it- Austin has the most fun murals! Nicole and my friend Caitlin were nice enough to drive Dean and I around last weekend so that we could “oh” and “ah” at all of the art, and I thought I would pay it forward. Here’s a full list of all the fun murals we visited complete with addresses for next time you’re in town!

Greetings from Austin Postcard

Where to find the best murals in Austin

1720 1st Street, Austin

This one was my favoriteeeeee! So much so, that I may have asked Dean and Dago to deal with a little impromptu photo session with Nicole from Writes Like a Girl. Props to Nicole at being such a talented jumper!

I love you so much

Where to find the best Austin murals.

1300 S. Congress Avenue, Austin
(on the side of Jo’s Coffee)

This was actually the first one we found and it was a wonderful moment indeed. I’d post photos of myself getting excited, but the nice lady who took our picture actually got down  to the ground to take a shot looking up at us… spoiler alert- that is not a flattering angle.

Hi. How are you?
aka- Jeremiah the Innocent

Where to find the best murals in Austin

Corner of 21st and Guadalupe Boulevard, Austin

So this piece was originally completed by singer/songwriter/artist Daniel Johnston for a record store, Sound Exchange. In turn, Johnston received $100 and however many records he could carry out of the store. Years later when the store closed, the new owner was going to paint over the iconic image. Protesters came to the site and rallied to save their favorite little friend and the story got picked up by large-scale publications like Rolling Stone! Today he sits on the corner of a restaurant “Thai, How Are You”, which gave us all a good laugh.

23rd St Artisan Market

Where to find the best murals in Austin Where to find the best murals in Austin Where to find the best murals in Austin

23rd & Guadalupe

While you’re in the area visiting Jeremiah, stop by the Artisan Market down the road! Unfortunately we were there while the artisans were closing up shop, but there are still a few great murals to check out.


You’re my butter half.

Where to find the best murals in Austin

1300 MLK Blvd, Austin

I almost killed us trying to find this place. Seriously! I was so happy when I spotted this beauty from my car that I threw my hand in front of the driver and screamed “There it is!”. Thanks, Caitlin, for not killing us.

Living the Good Life in Austin, TX

Where to find the best murals in Austin

1114 Cesar Chavez , Austin

We passed so, so, so many more murals, but sometimes I was so busy enjoying the sites that I forgot to take a picture. Do you have a favorite mural in Austin? How bout near home or in another city? Share the goods!

I’ll be posting more about our trip soon, but  here’s one four more photos because I can’t help myself…..Where to find the best murals in Austin

On the road again

travel exhaustion

In less than a week I have spent time in NEPA, Long Island, Cleveland, Hoboken, Philly, a Dallas airport, and finally, Austin. Traveling isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely fun! After a great nights sleep and a solid breakfast, I’m ready to explore. What should I do while I’m here?!

Easy Easter Sweets Roundup

I cannot believe Easter is this weekend! Dean and I area actually heading on a little holiday getaway, so you may not be hearing too much from me for the rest of the week. While I’m super excited to go, I don’t want to leave you without my typical last minute holiday roundup. Since I’m a baker that happens to also be a procrastinator, I know I’m always hunting these kinds of lists down last minute. Hopefully this will help you pull together some kind of cute treat for your family this Sunday!


easter treat roundup


easy easter dessert roundup


easter treat roundup


easter dessert roundup


easy easter desserts


Have a great weekend!

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