cutting out the excess

Hi! I’m still alive and well, even though I haven’t been hanging out in the blog-world much.I don’t really have an excuse, I just haven’t been feeling it. Maybe it has to do with the New Year? I’ve been really trying to focus on what’s important. I want to spend more time with people not things. I want to get back to reading and photography and going on adventures with friends and family.


It’s funny though, because I still find myself thinking about blogging often. Posts I want to write jump into my head while I talk with friends or drink my morning coffee. But at the same time, I just haven’t been able to bring myself here to write it all down.

This space was always meant to be fun, and while most of the time it is, sometimes it’s not. Blogging is hard work. It’s  become a commitment and sometimes that means putting up posts that aren’t quite what I want. But where’s the fun in that? This isnt my job, it’s a hobby. So my new thing is only posting when I really want to. When I want to do the whole thing- the brainstorming, the writing, the photography (or sometimes the finding of the photography)…I think that’s fair, right? I’m cutting out the excess whereever I can and making the most of what is in front of me.

But as we all know, the thing I really like and miss about this space is YOU. So how is your 2015 going? Are you cutting back the excess, too?


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knitting aint easy handmade hat!



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the hunt for great leggings!

In 2012 Bahar and Nese posted about their hunt for the perfect leggings. More than 2 years later this post still recieves the most traffic via search engines out of all of WLB.  So since I found a new pair that I like, I thought I’d put in my two cents.

First off I’ve been on a continuous search for the Mind Body and Soul leggings that Bahar, Nese and a bunch of commentors seem to like, but I still haven’t been able to find them. I’ve heard that every so often they show up at Khols or BJ’s, but they go super quickly. Be sure to scoop up a pair if you ever see them!

So onto the new find…. I got a little tip that Target had come out with a new product via Spanx and they got AMAZING reviews online. Like any good blogger I figured it was worth a try. They’re a little more pricy than I’d like ($30 each), but I have to admit that they’re pretty darn wonderful. They are a a true black and completely opaque- no worries about giving a surprise show or a preview of my knee when I bend and move (though I sized up for comfort and security). I also love that they have a control-top high waist. Not like those fat sucking stockings, but smooth and flexible like Spanx is known for. It gives me a little extra protection and confidence.

They are soooo comfortable I keep looking for excuses to wear them. Luckily almost everything counts as a good excuse.

Cozy day at home? Yep.

Heading to bed? Duh.

Found a long sweater? Sure.

Long car ride? Of course.

Heading to walmart?….why not?

Now if you’re looking for something even thicker? I also wear the heck out of my Gigi pants from JCrew Factory. I bought them a few years ago during one of their 50% off sales and it was definitely worth it. They have pockets and a zipper and they are thick enough to count as pants, but don’t be fooled- I’ve slept in them more than once. They aren’t your traditional cheap-o leggings, but they are great for playing pretend all day. (They are also currently on sale! and IMO, they run true to size)


I know these options aren’t as inexpensive as some other options, but in my experience they’ve both been great investments and they have heald up through many washings! That being said, I’m always looking for new, more cost effective options. If you have any suggestions, spill!

15 for 2015.

15 for 2015



  1. Reach Out: be a better friend.
  2. Be Nice: no more negative talk about others.
  3. Read: more books, less TV.
  4. Get Active: yoga, gym, dog walks, whatever.
  5. Listen: get lost in music.
  6. Discover Confidence: Learn to love my body.
  7. Re-Connect: A week without social media.
  8. Learn: one-on-ones with ms. Rosetta Stone.
  9. Travel: visit a new place.
  10. Save: $10 a week.
  11. Donate: something old for something new.
  12. Say Yes: new life experiences
  13. Give: time to a worthy cause
  14. Nourish Love: more date nights
  15. Enjoy life.