#OOTD 5: Winter Edition

cold weather #ootd

 Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat  |  Handmade Scarf (similar)

Over the last month or two I’ve spent too much time in cold weather! I thought that moving down to southern Florida would banish jackets and boots from my wardrobe for a while, but after a two week trip to PA and record lows here in Miami, I now know that I was mistaken. I figured my summer weather wear probably isn’t so helpful right now, but these cold weather #ootd’s might be a little more familiar to everyone braving this horrific winter.



 Loft Sweater (old)  |    Old Navy Tee  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Unknown Sweater (Thanks Nicole!)  |  Target Tank  |  Jcrew Factory Pants
Jcrew Factory Vest (sold out)  | Target Scarf (old)  |  Sperry Boots  | Knitting Ain’t Easy Hat


Jcrew Factory Top (similar)  | Target Tank  |  Target Jeans (similar)
Knitting Ain’t Easy  Cowl  |  Target Flats (similar)

As you can see, I’ve had a thing for navy lately. What have you been wearing?

Get Artsy With Blind Contours

blind contourMany people would be surprised to know that I took a few art courses in college. I use the word “surprised” because I’m a pretty terrible artist (even with the classes under my belt. But I did learn one nifty skill that has given me many hours of entertainment- the blind contour.
According to creativeglossary.com, a blind contour is defined as “a line drawing that is created without the use of constantly looking at the paper.  Instead, one concentrates intensely on the item that he/she is drawing and tries to draw the many shifts of lines and tangents of lines seen“.  So basically you stare intently at people and draw them without peeking at your paper.Take your time and really work to follow the lines of each and every facial feature-the results are sooo entertaining! We used giant paper in class and the final products proved to be wonderful/hilarious additions to any home.
Blind Contours
I’ve used this trick at quite a few college get-togethers, random meetings, and nights in with friends. Give it a try and let me know how your art turns out!

In my shopping cart

I’m pretty broke. Between figuring out jobs and a place to live and visiting PA and yada, yada, yada, all my extra funds are gone. But if I had extra funds, I have a few things in my metaphorical shopping cart that I would be buying… it’s just so hard to stay away!

currently craving

1-  Knitter’s Pride Knit Blockers Set

A few of my knitting projects require being re-shaped when completed and blocking is what that re-shaping is called in the knitting world. Currently I’m using a towel and straight pins and needles to block- super cheapo and unprofessional. It’s probably a little dangerous too. I have to be careful to lock the dog out and inform Dean so nobody steps on a pin or something. This little set is a really simple version of a blocking set, but it has everything I need. I might even cave after my next Knitting Ain’t Easy sale  (I hear scarves make great valentine’s day gifts….)


2- Dior Lip Glow

This is something I’m dying to try. I’ve been reading great review after great review for a longggg time via the blog world, but I’ve yet to take the plunge. It’s supposed to be a wonderful way to add just the right amount of color and moisture bringing you your most perfect lip.


3- Bar Cart

If I play my cards right, this is something I’m really hoping to DIY in the relatively near future. Pinterest has a ton of great tutorial links (like this or like this one that you can see in the picture above) that makes this seem doable and cost effective- especially since our new apartment has little to no kitchen storage.

4- Leather Jacket

This has been on my “to buy” list for years. Literally! But I can’t seem to find the perfect version for me. I feel like they’re either too big, too small, to bulky, or too expensive. It reminds me of my original hunt for a jean jacket, except more expensive. When you’re dropping a good amount of money on a solid product that will stay with you for years, I just feel like it needs to be perfect. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  (photo via)


5- These Awesome Nikes

Guys, THESE SHOES! I’m not a sneakerhead. In fact, Dean is often talking about sneakers and I just don’t get it. I wear them for big walking days or when I’m working out and that’s the end. But these? I think I can get on board with these. The only issue is that I can’t find them in stores! (and again, I have no money… but that doesn’t matter because I can’t find the shoes.)


6- An Adult Lunchbox

My new job requires a new, long commute. So long that I’m actually thining about taking a train (boo!). Since I’m always trying to get my diet and my wallet back on track, I figure packing my lunches makes sense. The only issue is that my new commute means that I can’t just brown-paper-bag it and hope that my food stays cold. So while I don’t really want to spend money on a lunchbox, I think I’m going to have to cave on this one. I’m leaning towards this smaller thermal bag from 31. I saw one recently and it’s just big enough for a sandwich and a yogurt, which is exactly what I want to stay cold!


What have you been eyeing lately?