Thirsty Thursday: will.i.amaretto

will.i.amaretto: amaretto, coke, vanilla In full disclosure, I tend to stay away from sweet drinks. My stomach usually thanks me for that, but every so often I have to cave for some Disaronno and milk. It’s soooo good, but it’s definitely a bit heavier than I’d like. I decided to try something a little different today to balance out the sweetness of amaretto but still satisfy my amaretto craving. will.i.amaretto: amaretto, coke, vanilla


  • 1/2 can of diet coke (or regular coke, I just had diet on hand)
  • 1 shot of amaretto (I used my favorite: Disaronno)
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla extract

Just mix everything up and pour over ice. will.i.amaretto: amaretto, coke, vanilla   PS- Can I interest you in another drink? Perhaps a Grenadine Martin or maybe a Strawberry Manilow? Even more options available here!

PPS- treat yo’ self!

dressing for a winery

north fork, LI

Loft Top (similar)  |  Loft Jeans  |  Kate Spade Bag (similar)
Steve Madden sandals |  Etsy Necklace  
cheapo sunglasses (actual brand unknown….. similar or nicer but similar)

north fork, LI


Sisters outfit details unknown
Other sundress options:  1,  2,  3

I feel like whenever pictures pop up on my newsfeed involving winery visits I always see the girls all decked out. But apparently people wear whatever they want to a winery! People wear dresses, skirts, pants, beachwear… it really depends. This was a pleasant surprise on our #strongwomenvaca.  One day I wore a maxi skirt, another day my sister wore a cute little dress, but for the post part we were all riding the jeans train on our little girls week and it felt great.

Has anyone else had this experience at a winery?


professional growth: presentations

I can still remember doing anything and everything possible to get out of a presentation in high school. I hated them. Walking up to the front of the room was the worst. I could feel my face turning red with every step. My voice would get caught in my throat, my words would get lost in my head and time seemed to slow down. I didn’t matter that I would practice the presentations over and over; the day of was always horrible.

Then in college I had to take a public speaking class to graduate. I decided to just get the class over with right away first semester, but I was scared out of my mind. We each had to pull together about four different types of presentations throughout the course of the semester and I’m pretty sure the first one was one of the worst things I’ve ever done. Our professor counted and announced the number of times you said “um” or “like” and I was horrified with myself. Have a heart, lady! But you know what? Each presentation got better.

It’s been eight years since that class and now I give presentations for hundreds of families throughout the year for my job. I run training sessions for co-workers and I’ve provided educational workshops for various professionals. In fact, last week alone I gave 4 presentations, each 1 hour long,.. and I liked it. It’s weird how things can change like that, isn’t it?

Over time I’ve learned how to project my voice and I’ve drastically cut down on my filler words (like those pesky “ums”  and “likes”). I’ve learned how to properly transition from one topic to the next and I’ve even started building PowerPoint & Keynote presentations to be used for large events across my office. It’s funny how something I spent so long trying to get out of ended up being one of my strongest professional skills. Growing up is funny like that.

PS-  7 tips to rock a solid speech (and where I found the above photo)

#ootd 4

This week has been super busy for me, so instead of boring you with some words, I’ll leave you with three quick outfits. I have more of a casual work dress in the summer, so these are three outfits you could easily catch me in any day of the week. What have you been wearing lately?


Gap top  |  The Limited cropped pants (similar)
Alex & Ani bracelets 1 and 2  |  J.Crew Factory shoes (similar)


Gap jean jacket  |  One Clothing dress (via Marshals, similar)
Target belt (similar)

summer #ootd

sweater (similar)  |  pants (similar)  |  Old Navy scarf (similar)
Payless heels  |  Fossil watch

and just to be sure that you’re properly entertained, here are a few Friday links.

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