Spoiler alert: I’m not very good at taking outfit post photos, but that doesn’t mean I’m not wearing outfits I like here and there. Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking some little mirror shots to share a quick #OOTD post. Maybe next time I’ll take less photos in the bathroom!

weekend outfit

Old Navy tulip top (similar)  |  Loft jeans** |  BohemianFringe necklace
**I think these are exact? But mine are a few years old so no promises! 

ootd-casual work day

Paper Crane top (similar) |   Loft pants (similar)  |  Walmart cardigan (similar)
Gap belt   |  Old Navy necklace (similar)  |  Target shoes (similar)



Loft blouse (similar)  |  Loft pants (similar)  |   JCrew Factory cardigan (similar)
Payless heels (similar)  |  Kate Spade watch  |  scarf (gift from Bahar)

PS-It’s probably pretty easy to see from these last two photos that I have a signature style at work: pants, a loose and light top, cardigan, scarf/necklace. It’s the easiest and most comfortable thing I can put together each morning that will let me walk to other offices in 90+ degree heat but still come back to sit at my desk in 65 degree AC. If you have any other more creative outfit suggestions, I’m all ears!

Doing Good with Uncommon Goods

uncommon goods

I’m constantly on the hunt for fun and quirky little things for around the house. This is probably why my home is cluttered and I regularly spend too much money at Marshalls. But it’s just so easy to do! Every time  I stop in I find new kitchen gadgets, decor options, and fun gifts to hold onto for special occasions. So when I realized that Uncommongoods.com is basically a great company with strong do-good values that sells the kind of items I regularly buy, I knew my wallet stood no chance.

uncommon goods giraffe bud vases

Tom from Uncommon Goods sent over some details describing the organization as a “small company focusing on big ideas”. They are a sustainable, privately own business that focuses on helping and supporting people. In fact, the more I read about the company, the more impressed I am. Their mission empowers everyone they work with by promising fair wages (the lowest paid seasonal worker is making 50% more than minimum wage!) and reaching out to work with various artists and designers (50% of their goods are handmade!).


I just about fell over when I started searching through their products. I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy something for the men in their life from this list? And when my friend Amy’s birthday came up, I actually got us little giraffe bud vases I found here. Tom was also nice enough to send over a little bit of home for Dean and I through this PA shaped cheese plate, but I also love all of the personal art options I found on this gift page.

uncommon goods

After reading more about the company values, I reached back out to Tom to let him know about how strongly I also feel about doing good  and sustainability and he said that their CEO even rides his bike to work every day! This company truly strives to make the world a better place, and this is something I’m always excited to share. Now just try not to spend all of your money in one sitting.


PS- see that picture of Dean and I up on top of the bookcase? That frame is from this post from all the way back in 2012!

5 easy ways to be more eco friendly

5 ways to be more eco friendly- and a link to make this produce bag from a t-shirt!

I feel like most people today are very “all or nothing”. Every day we hear these drastic decisions that we should be making to live a better life: drive a hybrid, go vegan, grow your own veggies, only shop handmade…. we aren’t just doing what we can- we feel like we have to do everything or do nothing.

While it would be wonderful to be able to do everything, these drastic decisions just aren’t always feasible for everyone- at least not for me. I’m totally one of these inbetween-ers. I want to be more socially and economically aware! I want to be waste-free! I want to swear by handmade and locally grown food sources! But I also know that I can’t be everything.

This is why I originally started my Doing Good posts. I wanted to spread the word about companies making good decisions that might fit into your everyday life. Being eco-friendly is something we can also do in small ways: everything makes a difference after all! Here are three easy ways you can make some easy green changes.


  • Learn how to recycle – This probably seems obvious, but I watch a ton of people recycle incorrectly every day. For example, did you know that while you should recycle water bottles you should NOT recycle the tops? Or how about the fact that you should recycle cardboard but NOT greasy pizza boxes? And I always think this is weird, but you actually CAN leave staples on that paperwork you’re about to throw in the recycling bin! Things can get a little confusing so make sure you take a minute to educate yourself and recycle correctly.


  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store– As you probably already know, plastic is terrible for the environment but we all use it without thinking. While it may seem impossible to swear it off completely a la Trash is for Tossers, a simple change could be giving up on plastic bags. Pick yourself up a few super cute reusable bags and leave them in your car. Time to run to the store? Grab them from your trunk and get on with your environmentally-friendly self!
    (Bonus: Have a ton of plastic bags sitting around? Return them!)


  • Give up on plastic containers– So now that we want to lower our plastic usage, we probably want to find some glass containers to use instead of the traditional tupperware we all have. I asked for a Pyrex set for Christmas one year and it has to be one of my most used gifts to date (thanks Dean’s mom!). I love that I can cook in it, throw it in the fridge (or freezer) and then pop it in the microwave if I wanted to. They’re easy to clean, plus it’s so weirdly satisfying to eat my lunch out of glass containers!
    (Bonus- this is a great excuse for a mason jar salad #sopinterest)


  • Bike/walk where you can– Take a pledge to  stay out of your car when you’re going a short distance. Bike the half mile to the corner store. Walk to visit a friend a few blocks away. Take a little stroll to the deli for your coffee fix. Heading a little farther away? Hop on the bus or plan a carpool with a co-worker. You’ll be saving on gas and reducing your carbon footprint!


  • Unplug- Literally! – Did you know that every item you have plugged in is still pulling electricity?  When you’re done with an electronic device, switch it to the off position and unplug it. I’m going to be real with you- unplugging everything is a pain. The easiest way to combat this is to plug all of your items into a surge protector and just flip a single switch instead of unplugging a bunch of wires! Done watching that movie? Turn the TV off, flip your switch and walk away as a pro-energy conservationist.
    (Bonus-You’re also saving money on your electric bill


PS- Make the produce bag you see above with a t-shirt via Delia Creates!



Link Love



I definitely meant to post this last Friday but I forgot to publish it out. Whoops! Better late than never, right?

Happiness Check-In

finding happiness at home

About a month ago I wrote a post about finding more happiness in life. I felt like I was stressed out about general day-to-day things and I needed to regroup…so I did! My short-term goals for the month were to:

  • Go to at least 1 yoga class
  • Spend at least 5 hours a week reading
  • Take Allegra on longer walks
  • Buy a bottle of wine

While I didn’t make it to the yoga class, I did read for at least 5 hours a week, take Allegra on some great walks, and a bought a bottle of wine… each week. It’s crazy how much little things can make a difference in your overall attitude. While I wouldn’t say I have things under control yet, I would say that I’ve been a lot happier. More than anything my little goals reminded me to take time for myself and do things that I enjoy. This month I decided to make a few new goals that help me to remember to take care of myself and my surroundings:

  • Spend 20 minutes a day cleaning
  • Find something fun and free to take part in each weekend
  • Go to bed earlier on week days (11pm LATEST!)
  • Start my commute by 7am

I’m hoping that this month I can continue to take some time for myself while still carving out time to keep the house clean and get to work on time. I’ve noticed that when things are in order and my home is tidy, my stress levels go way down. What things are you working on this month?