I’ve been feeling a serious lack of motivation lately. Work has been a little crazy, free time has been pretty busy, and in turn I’ve noticed myself falling into a funk. For example, I haven’t really been exercising, but I have been eating a lot of bad food. Another example? I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows, but I haven’t really been doing laundry. My water intake has gone down, my blogging ideas are slacking and my energy is at an all-time-low. I think it’s time I regroup.

With this in mind, I’m hoping to make a little change. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting here a little less often. My compromise is that I’ll be drinking more water, going for runs, and tweeting with you a healthy amount. How does this sound?

I feel like I should be doing other things, too. What is your best tip for motivation/stress relief?

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Backward, Forward, Present

Tedx Scranton

Backward: Last weekend I had my cousin’s bridal shower on Long Island and I also went to my first TEDx event! TEDx events are similar to the TED Talks you’ve probably heard of, but they’re all individually and locally organized with approval from TED. Scranton hosted our first-ever TED (how many times can I write TED in one paragraph?) event at a local campus, and it was such a wonderful and inspiring event. I’m looking forward to keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities like this one. Has anyone else ever gone?

Forward: Tomorrow I’m heading out to the Philadelphia area to join in on some wedding festivities for my friends Danielle and Jon. I’m excited to see great friends, indulge in amazing food and drinks, to get down on the dance floor, and to wear one of my newly purchased “shopping ban” dress & shoe combo.  I can’t wait!





The Blog Auction

the blog auction

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Helene is running an amazing new program each month: The Blog Auction! Bloggers are auctioning handmade items, ad space, blog designs and all different things! It’s really fun to poke around a little bit to learn more about the strengths of other bloggers. I even have two of my etsy items up for grabs, so be sure to head to her blog and bid!

*photo from Heleneinbetween.com

Now and Later

from summer to fall

Dress  ( similar, similar, similar)
Summer: cardigan, purse, sunglasses, sandals
Fall: cardigan, scarf, purse, booties


So since I’m not supposed to be shopping, I figure I should find new ways to wear what I currently have. Towards the end of last fall I fell in love with dresses, oversized sweaters and booties. Even though I’m not a huge fan of it getting colder, I’m pretty excited to get back into this way of dressing later this fall. I figure if I can get away with wearing some of my new skirts and dresses for a few more months, I can consider my summer shopping a win, right?