4th of July Playlist

4th of july playlist

Is it just me or does a summer holiday BBQ call for some classic rock? If you agree than you should love this playlist!


(too much?)



So to put it all together for you, here are American outfit ideas (more here), food ideas (and more here) and playlist ideas! Now invite a few friends over, grab a few drinks, and make it a celebration! Happy 4th, friends!



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A healthy 4th of July snack (and other BBQ recipes)

4th of july recipes


My favorite kind of recipes are the ones that don’t involve any cooking. I really like to bake, but cooking is a whole different ballgame. So while I was debating whether or not I should actually try making something new for this post, I figured that I should be honest and give you some easier options that I could actually see myself bringing along to a holiday BBQ.


Healthy 4th of July Snacks

For starters, I’m all about a simple skewer. I went with a light strawberry and marshmallow dessert for myself, but you can go for afternoon finger foods just as easily. We’re a big fan of steak with grilled peppers and onions in our house, but how great are these hot dog ones?!


Summer shortcake


And since strawberries are currently on sale at my grocery store (2 for $5!), it’s the perfect time to whip up some of my favorite shortcake. I used to have a few different recipes I would switch between, but a few years ago I did a little experiment at work and this was the clear favorite.


Chili Lime Sweet Corn Salad and other easy BBQ recipes

Every 4th of July party needs some corn on the cob, but I think this chili-lime-sweet-corn recipe would make for a great alternative. I also really like that they suggest you buy and cook your corn in the same day, because let’s get real, I’ll definitely be cooking last minute anyway.


loaded potato salad and other summer BBQ recipes

So let’s assume that we have hot dogs, cheeseburgers, corn, and fruit skewers- what are we missing? A classic potato salad! My dad makes a mean potato salad, but doesn’t a loaded potato salad sound like it would hit the spot?


So now that I’ve got you started, what will be on your table this holiday?


PS- Red, white and blue outfits!

What to wear for the 4th of July

4th of July is easily one of my favorite holidays. I love that it’s casual and fun and that I get to run around in red white and blue all day! In my mind it’s the perfect, no-stress holiday: you just eat food, enjoy some drinks, throw on some music and smile with your friends. Plus you get a free fireworks show at night! Just the fact that it’s coming up next weekend makes me giddy with joy- please tell me you feel it to? If you don’t, come down to Florida this year in your best American attire and I’ll show you a good time!

Can’t make it to Florida? That’s okay- this week of posts are for you! We’ll go over what to wear, what to eat and what to listen to. On to my favorite topic: fun red, white and blue outfits!

4th of july outfit ideas #wear #america
4th of july outfit ideas
4th of july
Whether you’re dressing up or hanging out poolside, the classic red, white and blue look is always a solid choice. Which look fits your style best?

There isn’t a word more beautiful than “Friday”.

father's day throwback

How in the world is it Friday already? Last night I was sitting at my computer brainstorming post ideas for today. I’ve been getting home from work late, so taking nice pictures has been out of the question. And really, to be honest, I was already pretty tired.  Writing a post from the heart felt a little impossible, too. So I started roaming around recent posts trying to see how many times I’ve shared photos about my life (picture overlad, anyone?) …and then I came across this beautiful, beautiful calendar that told me that today is Friday. Today is FRIDAY, guys!

Anyway, this weekend I’m doing a late Father’s Day celebration. I went fishing with my dad and some family last Saturday which was nice, but when Sunday rolled around everyone just needed some time alone. I’m excited for a re-do this weekend! We haven’t decided what we’ll be doing yet, but maybe we’ll head to be beach like the good old days pictured above. Anyone know where I can find an adult version of that romper? My style was seriously on point. (Also, please note that I’m wearing socks on the beach. No sand between the toes, please! #DivaBaby)

Onto the good stuff:

EDIT- Same-sex marriage is a RIGHT – you go, Supreme Court!

Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list


We’re just a few days into summer and I’m already melting  here in south Florida. Why did nobody tell me how hot it would get? Just kidding- everyone told me how hot it would get. Turns out a Floridian summer looks a lot like a northerner’s winter- lots of indoor activities. Though I can definitely see myself enjoying a few Netflix days, I’m also still dedicated to enjoying the sunshine state. So here’s an idea of what I plan on doing. What do you hope your summer will look like?


PS- summer survival guide