On the road again

travel exhaustion

In less than a week I have spent time in NEPA, Long Island, Cleveland, Hoboken, Philly, a Dallas airport, and finally, Austin. Traveling isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely fun! After a great nights sleep and a solid breakfast, I’m ready to explore. What should I do while I’m here?!

Easy Easter Sweets Roundup

I cannot believe Easter is this weekend! Dean and I area actually heading on a little holiday getaway, so you may not be hearing too much from me for the rest of the week. While I’m super excited to go, I don’t want to leave you without my typical last minute holiday roundup. Since I’m a baker that happens to also be a procrastinator, I know I’m always hunting these kinds of lists down last minute. Hopefully this will help you pull together some kind of cute treat for your family this Sunday!


easter treat roundup


easy easter dessert roundup


easter treat roundup


easter dessert roundup


easy easter desserts


Have a great weekend!

PS- Last year’s Easter Roundup

Winter Weight

winter weight

Winter weight. The struggle is real, y’all.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m heading out to Texas in a few days and that means I need to pack. This also means that I need to pull out my warm weather clothes.  (For the record, today it’s over 70, but tomorrow it’s supposed to “lightly snow” overnight. It’s safe to say that my sweaters are still in constant rotation here in NEPA.) I think it’s also safe to say that my body seems a little different than this time last year.

Things I’ve been enjoying this winter:

  • hot chocolate
  • ice cream
  • large family style pasta meals
  • movie marathons
  • Netflix binge-watching

Things that currently don’t fit/ I don’t feel comfortable in:

  • shorts
  • my favorite tanks
  • bathing suits

Whoops! I mean, I’ve eaten so poorly this winter that I’m at the point where I’m craving greens. I’m thankful that I’m so excited to get healthy again, but this current in-between state is hard. I mean I still really want that ice cream! And I still have more movies to get through on Netflix! But in the end I really just want to feel comfortable in my body.

I was always told that my blog posts should come to some kind of educational ending. All of the blogging articles say people like how-to’s and knowledgable lists, but this post isn’t really educational – it’s just the truth. It’s just a little note marking the start of some positive changes.

Sooooo….What time is your next exercise class, Dean?

PS- 5 ways to get excited about the gym.


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 top, jeans, flats
bag, earrings, necklace, watch, lipstick


Guys- it hit over 70 degrees yesterday! This means that I can pull out sleeveless tops, right? Because I’m trying to look through clothing for Easter this weekend, and I’m finding it difficult to choose anything but sleeveless tops. For the record, Dean and I are heading to AUSTIN, TEXAS for a long weekend, so sleeves will probably be optional. Saying that we’re super excited, is an understatement. Have any suggestions for our trip? Let us know!


PS- Easter wears from last year.
PPS- if you wanna write a last minute guest post, let me know! WLB will probably be a little quiet over the next week.
PPPS- See you soon, Nicole!